Listen up! Recorded talks back online.

Listen up! Recorded talks back online.

We are really excited that our recorded festival talks archive is now back online. All 1,000 or more talks from Greenbelt 2014 and earlier are now absolutely free to download, stream and share – right back to 2001.

Meanwhile, recorded talks from the last two years (2015 and 2016) can be ordered on our collected, ‘all-talks’, beautifully branded USB sticks here. (Individual sales of 2015/16 talks should be ready by the end of May / early June.)

You’ll also be able to link to recorded talks from those speakers re-appearing at #gb17 who have spoken before at the festival via their individual line-up page listings for this year’s festival (speakers like Clive Stafford Smith and Ann Pettifor, for example).

We’ve started to categorise the recorded talks archive at a headline level – into categories like “arts and culture”, “inclusion”, “justice and activism”, “theology and spirituality”, and so on. We’ve done this for 2013 and 2014 to start with and we’ll work our way back through the remaining archive, completing this over the next week or so.

But we’d like you to help us make the archive even more useful and searchable. And here’s how …

We’d like Greenbelters to work with us to make this treasure-store as searchable and useful as it possibly can be. We’d like to do this by crowd-sourcing the detailed “tagging” of the recorded talks archive. This was the innovative idea of Greenbelter, Angel and former librarian Sara Batts (thanks Sara!).

Here’s how it works …

Select a talk to listen to from the archive and, as you scroll down its web page, you’ll find a section where you are invited to “add tags” to that talk. Submit the “tags” (single word descriptors) you think would be helpful in terms of describing that talk – the level of detail beneath the headline categories we’re allocating – and we’ll field all your submissions for approval and gradually build them into a system of tagged references, making the overall archive far more accessible and searchable and useful. 

Even more than that …

If you’re a Greenbelter with some time to spare and you love this sort of task, we’d love some more dedicated volunteer help over time to help us build all the copy descriptions (the blurbs) for each talk back into the database – so as well as speaker name and talk title, we have the blurb for each talk to view and search, too. If you’d be interested to help us with this, please email us here.

So, enjoy. Greenbelt Festival is a resource that lasts way beyond August Bank Holiday weekend. And with our recorded talks archive once again available, there is a treasure-store of wisdom, inspiration and provocation for you to dig into and share.

Pictured: Owen Jones, Greenbelt 2014.

  • Click here for the free-to-access talks archive: 2001 – 2014.
  • Click here to buy the collected talks USBs from 2015 and 2016.