Late night Greenbelt

Late night Greenbelt

One of the (many) beauties of our Boughton site is that we don’t have to shut up shop early like we did at Cheltenham.

So, don’t plan to go to bed early this Greenbelt. Instead, stay up late.

Stargaze. Mooch. Tell stories by the festival campfire. Let your hair down to the returning Ella And the Blisters, and the debuting Eskies. Laugh out loud at after-hours comedy. Wonder at the life and times of (Whispering) Bob Harris. Enjoy a drink with friends old and new in The Jesus Arms. Or chill out with a glass in The Blue Nun bar.

And don’t worry about getting hungry in the wee small hours.  Our 24-hour Cafe will be open. 24 hours. And other festival caterers stay up late, too.

So, no more going to bed after the headline act. Our After Hours programme will stretch your Greenbelt experience just that bit further.  Who needs sleep anyway? You can do that when you get home. 

We’ll let you know more about our late night programme as it shapes up over the coming weeks.