The Great Greenbelt Green Cup!

The Great Greenbelt Green Cup!

As part of our commitment to make Greenbelt greener, we are pleased to be able to introduce Greenbelt Green Cups for our 2016 festival, Silent Stars.  

This year, when you buy your drink in The Jesus Arms or The Blue Nun, simply pay a £1 deposit and then keep and re-use your green cup for the rest of the festival.  When you’re finished with it, you can either take it home with you as a festival souvenir (it will be Greenbelt-branded and look lovely), or you can return it and get your £1 back. Deal?     

All the cups we get back will be washed and re-used. Nothing will be thrown away.  Not only will this stop lots of plastic cups going into landfill, but it will save energy as less cups will need to be made to keep Greenbelters happy and thirst-quenched this festival. And all this helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

So, this Greenbelt, let’s refill not landfill. Cheers!


This is what the Green Goblet company we’re working with on this say:

The Facts

  • Every piece of plastic ever made and disposed of in landfill still exists
  • Placing plastic in landfill contaminates our land
  • Disposable plastic cups are one of the greatest pollutants in the world
  • A disposable cup is used for an average of 20 minutes

The time to address sustainability is now … but HOW?

  • We need to treat plastic as a reusable commodity
  • We need to meet high standards of low carbon usage and waste reduction
  • We need to be using reusable rather than disposable products
  • We need to stop plastic going into landfill where it takes thousands of years to biodegrade
  • All our cups are recycled into useful objects such as ice scrapers and coat hangers at the end of their life
  • We manufacture all our IML Pint cups in the UK to help lower our Carbon footprint