Here’s what we’re hearing

Here’s what we’re hearing

We’re beginning to pore through the feedback you gave us in our post-festival survey. Thanks! Almost 1,500 of you completed the questions for us. And it’s always so incredible and helpful working through the things you tell us.

Here are some of the early headlines.

You’re just so satisfied!

  • 97% of you were satisfied or very satisfied with your Greenbelt experience. (For us, it doesn’t get any better than this.)
  • 87% of you told us that Greenbelt was good value for money.
  • 90% of you are keen to recommend Greenbelt to others.
  • 96% of you said you’re likely to come back again next year.

Forgive us if we give ourselves a teeny pat on the back.

The things you loved

There are too many headlines to pick out just a few, but here goes:

  • Jack Monroe
  • Murmuration
  • Amal
  • Communion
  • Yael Deckelbaum
  • Circus Abyssinia 
  • Sayeeda Warsi
  • Mahalia
  • Newton Faulkner
  • The weather
  • Tree-climbing
  • The Red Tent
  • Lost Dog’s Paradise Lost
  • Jonny and the Baptists
  • Inspired to Follow, from St Martin in the Fields
  • Will Varley
  • The site itself
  • Sister Teresa Forcades
  • Fischy Music
  • Limbic Cinema
  • Charles Handy

We could go on. And on. And on. Which is lovely to hear.

The things you felt and did

  • 96% of you laughed. 
  • 80% of your cried. 
  • 80% of you were motivated to take action for justice.
  • 70% of you saw or heard something unlike anything you’d ever experienced before.
  • 70% of you took part in an intergenerational activity. 
  • 70% of you decided to change something in your life.
  • 92% felt as though you were part of a community at the festival.
  • 75% of you had a meaningful conversation with a stranger.
  • 76% of you had a moment of real spiritual insight. 
  • 81% of you felt like you reconnected with yourself.
  • 80% had an experience of God.

That’s a rollercoaster ride right there.

The things you’re going to do 

  • 66% of you said you were going to do more to support refugees where you live.
  • 55% of you said you wanted to get more involved in building interfaith relationships and understanding where you live.
  • 52% of you said you were going to up your own personal action in response to climate change.
  • 65% of you said you were simply going to be more open-minded.

That’s a whole bunch of world- and life-changing stuff. Wow.

There will be much more detail to share in time. But we hope this gives you a taster.

Oh, and while we’re talking about the survey, we’ve done the prize draw and the winner of a pair of tickets for Greenbelt 2018 is Sally Bennett! Nice one, Sally.