A Greenerbelt

A Greenerbelt

Greenbelt has just gone an even more beautiful shade of green. Once again A Greener Festival has awarded us Highly Commended for our work making the festival as sustainable as we can.

You’ll know this is really important to us and we’re pretty sure you will have noticed us banning single-use plastic bottles and plastic straws for instance.

What you might not have realised is that by far the biggest environmental impact comes from you, all our lovely festivalgoers, travelling to Boughton and home again.

One way to lessen that impact is to balance the CO2 from your journeys, and with the help of Energy Revolution we’re delighted to say that last year Greenbelters balanced the CO2 from 53,668 travel miles, our highest yet!

If you’ve not bought your festival ticket then maybe think about balancing the CO2 from your journey too. It will pop up as an option in our box office, with a handy calculator that tells you how much CO2 your journey will create. We’d love 2019 to be our greenest festival yet.

And if you’re wondering just what happened to the money donated to balance all those miles, click here and find out all about the brilliant Solar for Schools.