G-Books at Greenbelt 2018: Part 2

G-Books at Greenbelt 2018: Part 2

A guest blog from Church House Bookshop

Already zipped through our last Greenbelt blog of reading suggestions? Here’s seven more to whet your appetite for this year’s festival…

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Sam Wells – For Good

For Good breaks free from the default model of welfare, ‘eradicating… squalor, ignorance, want, idleness, and disease’. Instead, it focusses on fostering five assets: relationship, creativity, partnership, compassion, and joy. Full of empowering, practical recommendations for churches, civil society and public policy, it’s essential reading for anyone interested in the church’s contribution to society.  

Jonathan Wittenberg – Things My Dog Has Taught Me  

If you’re one of the 8.5 million dog owners in the UK, the answer to a better way of living may already be under your roof. Jonathan Wittenberg thinks our dogs can teach us how to appreciate the world and develop better relationships. A wonderful, warm account of one man and his canine companions.

Eve Poole – Buying God

With her characteristic wit and insight, Eve Poole unites theoretical work on theology, capitalism and consumerism with a scheme of detailed practical action. Buying God explores how we can wean ourselves off the material and on to the eternal, through prayer, example, and vibrant social action.

Rebecca Stott – In the Days of Rain

Winner of the 2017 Costa Biography Award. As Rebecca Stott’s father lay dying, he begged her to help him write a memoir: the story of their family, members of a fundamentalist Christian sect for generations. This is the story of growing up in the Exclusive Brethren, and breaking with them.   

Jack Monroe – A Year in 120 Recipes  

Campaigner, food writer and activist Jack Monroe gives us a full year of inspiring new recipes. Making the most of seasonal produce, yet with a trademark budget approach, the delicious recipes include a Baba Gosht, Lazarus Pesto, and a moreish Peanut Butter Bread. 

Jack’s next book, ‘Cooking on a Bootstrap’, will be released just in time for Greenbelt, so look out in the G-Books tent!

Paula Gooder – Phoebe

Around 56AD, the apostle Paul wrote a letter, his theological masterpiece, to the church in Rome. He entrusted it to Phoebe, deacon of the church at Cenchreae. But who was this remarkable woman? Biblical scholar and popular speaker Paula Gooder tells Phoebe’s story: who she was, the life she lived, and her first-century faith.

Roman Krznaric – Carpe Diem Regained 

Carpe diem – `seize the day’ – is one of the oldest pieces of life advice in Western history. But its true spirit has been hijacked by ad men, reduced to the instant hit of one-click online shopping. We need to reclaim it to make sense of our times. This work of contemporary philosophy will help you stop mindlessly scrolling- and start living.