Foundation – coming back to Greenbelt

Foundation – coming back to Greenbelt

We’ve been picking up quite a bit of chatter about people and groups coming back to Greenbelt this summer after a break. We’re obviously chuffed about this. One group who tweeted about their return recently was the Foundation community in Bristol. We asked them for a bit more about their story.


Foundation is an alternative worship group based in Bristol.

Ever since getting started in 2004, the group has had a big presence at Greenbelt. In fact, it is fair to say that the group got started partly because of the festival.

The founder members were looking for a community where they could experience “Greenbelt all-year-round”: a place of worship where they could bring their friends, talk about the big questions and ask big questions of their own. Not being aware of any such community in Bristol, their solution was to create one.

More than a decade on, Foundation is (like the festival) still going strong and its ethos continues to be shaped by Greenbelt.

The group’s collective Greenbelt activities include three large alternative worship services at the New Forms venue at Cheltenham Racecourse, between 2006 and 2008 – “Breath”, “Unknowing God” and “Babel”.

More recently, Foundation has co-opted the “faith, arts and justice” byline as a description of its own agenda and has started running Greenbelt-inspired “Friendly Stage” events, to raise money for local charities and celebrate local artists.

We’re delighted to be friends of Greenbelt and this year the usual Foundation delegation will be there in force, to inspire and be inspired.


_And we’re delighted to welcome Foundation back to the festival this summer. If you’re coming back this year (especially if part of a group) get in touch with us to tell us more._

Pictured: Foundation camping at Greenbelt.