Five ways we’re showcasing awesome women at Greenbelt

Five ways we’re showcasing awesome women at Greenbelt

You might have heard that many festivals are pledging to make their line-ups a 50/50 mix of men and women over the next few years. Not to brag, but we’ve been working on this for a while. And we’re pretty proud about it.

This is how we did at last year’s festival.

  1. 50% of our headliners were women: Jack Monroe*, GRRRL and Kate Rusby.
  2. Our line-up also included names like comedian Zoe Lyons, installation artist Nicola Haynes, Herstory’s Alice Wroe, Craftivist Sarah Corbett, activist Saffiyah Khan, Muslim singing duo Pearls of Islam, Sacred Sounds all-women’s choir – plus many more.
  3. Our inspirational Sunday morning sermon was given by 15-year-old Becky Tyler.
  4. We introduced our Red Tent venue, which was aimed mostly at women. (We didn’t leave the men out, though – they had their own sessions at The Grove.)
  5. Our session on body image for women in the Red Tent was so successful that we had to repeat it. (In fact, we were overwhelmed with the number of volunteers for our naked photo shoot that formed part of these body image discussions!)

So…how do we top that in 2018? Well, we can’t let any cats out of the bag right now. But you’ll be hearing from us prrrretty soon.

*We know Jack identifies as non-binary, so they shouldn’t really be on this list. But we’re friends. And they say it’s OK!