Ending the need for food banks together

Ending the need for food banks together

A guest blog from our associate partner, Trussell Trust

This year’s Greenbelt Festival was, as ever, a fantastic experience. We’re grateful to everyone involved in organising such a great event, and everyone who came to meet us over the weekend or attended one of our events on poverty and hunger in the UK.

If you missed us at the festival or want to know more, check out www.action.trusselltrust.org/5weekstoolong. It’s not right that anyone who applies for Universal Credit has to wait five weeks for their first payment. Our benefits system should act as a safety net, not push people into poverty. It was amazing to see the support for #5WeeksTooLong at the festival.

Together, we can make change happen.

In related news… here’s what the local Kettering Food Bank said after this year’s festival:

“Collecting donations on Monday and Tuesday kept us all very busy. We loved meeting everyone and hearing all about their Greenbelt experiences.  Unfortunately, we really struggled in the heat to move the massive volume of donations around the campsite. But this is where your amazing team of volunteers excelled themselves – offering to transport food from various points around the site back to our hub for us. I truly can’t thank them enough!

The generosity of Greenbelt Campers absolutely amazed us all – and has kept our team of volunteers busy for weeks, checking and sorting through their donations. We received 1.4 tonnes of food donations, which we’ve shared with KCU Foodbank, as well as various soup kitchens and community cafes in and around Kettering.

Thank you once again for having us and giving us this great opportunity to help feed those in need in our community.”