Create or Consume? Buy Nothing Day

Create or Consume? Buy Nothing Day

As an arts, faith and justice festival we work each year to create a space in which works of the imagination can be born, take root and grow. We’re working hard on booking next year’s programme with that in mind right now – and, of course, we want as many people to join us at Greenbelt 2017 : The Common Good as possible. And that means selling tickets.

But our friends at Shambala Festival (just down the road from us in Northamptonshire) have made us think about what we can do in relation to the imminent wave of consumer madness that is about to break on our collective shore – Black Friday, 25 November.

As longstanding supporters of Buy Nothing Day (right from the days of our online actions site, Generous – remember that?), you’ll know that we believe there’s more to being fully human than shopping.

Life is not things.

So, we’re going to follow Shambala’s lead and shut our online Box Office tomorrow, on Black Friday, 25 November. Out of respect for and in solidarity with all those around the globe who want to live according to a different rhythm and rule.

We want to create more than consume.

As an added ingredient, we’ll be encouraging Greenbelters to think about how, tomorrow, they can ‘make life more like Greenbelt’ (#mlmlg). Please share your thoughts with us on social media.

Get creative. Don’t be consumed by the madness.


  • Festival tickets will go back on sale on Saturday 26th November.
  • For more about Buy Nothing Day, click here.
  • And please can we take this opportunity to reintroduce you to the prophetic performance art of the Rev Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir while we’re at it!