Christmas around the world

Christmas around the world

A guest blog from our partner Christian Aid

Christmas is nearly here and we cannot wait to roll out the tinsel and dust off the nativity scene! This Christmas, we’re highlighting the transformational change that women around the world, particularly mothers, can achieve if given the chance – even in the most desperate situations

Women have the power to liberate themselves, their families and others from oppression. Through their God-given gifts, they could transform lives. But poverty, inequality, violence and injustice often denies women the opportunity to do so. For those who are also mothers, life is doubly difficult as they fight to protect and raise their children..


Conflict and drought in Afghanistan forced widow Bibi Aisha and her two children to flee their home. She managed to lead them to safety and find shelter through Christian Aid’s local partner RAADA who gave the family a tent.

Bibi Aisha is still vulnerable as the sole breadwinner in a society badly affected by inequality, discrimination and exploitation. But she is determined that her children will prosper:

“I want a bright future for my children,” she says, “I want them to be educated.”


Many women face discrimination in Bangladesh, especially those from ethnic minorities. This means they often cannot afford medical help in a crisis – like Amena. She planned to have her second baby at home but as she went into labour, she started bleeding profusely. Christian Aid’s local partner PEPSEP gave Amena a health voucher so that she could attend hospital immediately and give birth safely. 

At Christmas, we remember one of the most powerful stories ever told: Mary’s journey to Bethlehem, to give birth to Jesus. Mary’s bravery, perseverance and devotion brought her family out of danger and enabled God’s hope, love and peace to enter the world.

Mothers like Biba Aisha and Amena have had the opportunity to use their God-given gifts too thanks to generous people like you. But many more women need your help today.

If you can please donate to our Christmas appeal today.

Thank you and Merry Christmas from all at Christian Aid!