Christian aid presents…the almighty power of people

Christian aid presents…the almighty power of people

A guest blog from our main partner Christian Aid

Greenbelt 2019 is almost upon us and we cannot wait! This year we are talking about you, your power to change the world, to bring peace and to stand up for justice. We are sharing stories from powerful people and communities we work with around the world and exploring the importance of challenging the accepted wisdom. We are also highlighting the injustice of the climate crisis and how it disproportionately impacts the world poorest communities. Join us in coming together to take action for our world.

We have a jam-packed programme for you, and here are just a few of the highlights:

Sat 10am: Debate – Is international development racist?

We want to help the poor, but do white western NGOs perpetuate racist stereotypes, or worse, perpetuate structural inequalities in the way they do development? Join the debate with journalist Dr Edward Ademolu; and Christian Aid’s Chine McDonald.

Sat 2pm: Christian Aid Collective – The Wisdom of youth

Ever wondered what it takes to be an activist and how you can create change? Come and listen to the inspiring stories of our panel of young campaigners.

Sun 12:30pm: Craftivism workshop – the art of gentle protest

Join our practical craft session and find out how your act of creating can also be an act of protest. All materials will be provided.

Sun 3pm: Christian Aid collective – Worship and Response

Join us in prayer and worship as people of faith who are striving for climate justice.

Sun 4pm: The wisdom of you – open mic conversations about justice

We’re throwing the floor open to you. Our mobile speakers’ corner is coming inside, giving you the chance to speak about the justice issue that weighs on your heart.

Mon 12pm: The Time is Now!

The international environmental community calculates we have 11 years to stop runaway climate chaos. So, we are rising up to do something about it. Bring yourself, a placard if you made one and anything that makes a noise and gather to call for urgent action on climate change. Now!

Mon 1pm: Building a movement for change workshop

People power doesn’t stop when the festival is over. Join our workshop for ideas on how you can build momentum to campaign for an end to injustice with your family, your friends, your church, your street, every community you belong to.

On top of all of this we have Celtic morning prayer each day from 9:30am with the Northumbria community, Bedtime Stores for grownups every night from 8:45pm, our Saturday night ceilidh, the Church Times Quiz returns on Sunday, our annual Big Brekkie on Monday morning as well as the return of our café offering tea and cake alongside a hot food service provided by the Real Junk Food Project.

Keep an eye out for our mobile speakers corner the “Hope Box” as it moves around the festival all weekend. Find it and get the chance to have your say about the issues that fire you up the most. We are really excited about this year’s programme, come along and join us!