Calling under 18’s : GTV Youth Needs YOU!

Calling under 18’s : GTV Youth Needs YOU!
If you’re aged between 14 and 18, then this is for you. 
It’s like this …
We want to hear from you. We want to hear your passions, your concerns, what you’re thinking. What do you want to tell the good folk of Greenbelt?
You can have 12 minutes at the festival to tell us what’s important to you. It’s as simple as that. 
We’ll record your presentation on film and, with your permission, we’ll share your thoughts beyond the festival field on our Youtube Channel, Facebook and Twitter. 
We’re setting no agenda. Other than we want to hear from young people this Greenbelt – the stuff that bothers you, that excites you, that worries you, that inspires you. 
You won’t be able to use a powerpoint presentation so please bare that in mind when applying. 
To be considered, follow the instructions below and apply by midnight on 30th June 2017. It doesn’t need to be high quality. Just tell us what you’re thinking.
We’re looking for four teenagers to give us their kicks. Jolt us out of our complacency. Shout, if needs be. We want to hear you. You have been silent stars too long. Now it’s time to shine.
And make some noise!
Here’s Jyothi – who took part last year – to tell you more. (And you can see all last year’s GTV youth talks here on our Youtube channel.)

To apply

Email including the following information: 
Title of Talk: 
Short description of talk (max 500 words): 
Duration of talk (12 minutes max.): 
Please also attach your script as a word document with your name and the name of your talk in the title. 
Link to the video of your talk: 
Password for video (if private): 
Please note that you can send the video via WeTransfer also. Please make sure that your name is clearly displayed in the title of the video.