Business as it could be…

Business as it could be…

A blog from our associate Anthony Collins Solicitors (on behalf of Mid-Counties Co-operative, Co-operatives UK and New Internationalist)

Acts of the Imagination might sound like something mainly for arty people, but nothing is needed more today than imagination in the world of business and enterprise.

The future of money, of care, of housing and of work are just some of the vital areas where today’s challenges cannot possibly be met without huge imagination and vision. To quote Greenbelt’s own words, imagination “is the ability to see something that is not there …” and we need some visionaries to help us with this.

All around us we see ‘business as usual’, with its attendant winners and losers. Those making money in the housing market, and those living in accommodation unfit for habitation; those in fulfilling, rewarding work and those struggling on zero-hours contracts; those who are well cared for because they can afford it, and the many struggling on their own, or in institutions focussed on money not humanity which may or may not be there next year.

How can we possibly deal with all of this?

Following its first outing in 2017, The Exchange is returning to Greenbelt to explore whether we can imagine something different, something better; a basis for us to have hope for a society where the energy of enterprise brings about better outcomes for everyone.

Come and hear some of the pioneers who have dared to imagine radically different approaches in housing, care, and for the self-employed; a series reimagining our faith in finance including from Islamic finance experts. We are honoured to be hosting some big names, well-known to Greenbelters and beyond, including Eve Poole, Kate Raworth and Ed Mayo; we are delighted that HeartEdge will be running a series of panel discussions on their four theme of Culture, Commerce, Congregation and Compassion. There will be daily sessions on what a co-op is, with its rich Northern story of self-help and empowerment.

The Exchange will be brought to you this year by Midcounties Co-operative, Anthony Collins Solicitors, Co-operatives UK and New Internationalist. There is even a rumour that the Exchange will have wifi …

Come and hear about, and talk to us about business as it could be, if we had the courage, the kindness and imagination to make it happen.

Written by David Alcock and Cliff Mills, Anthony Collins Solicitors