Be a peacemaker this Christmas

Be a peacemaker this Christmas

A guest blog from our partner Christian Aid

Will you be a peacemaker by supporting Christmas Aid – our Christmas Appeal to help people recovering from conflict worldwide?
Violence destroys lives and tears communities apart. But while peace is broken every day, it’s also built – by strong women and men working to heal their communities.

These frontline peacemakers include Diana in Lebanon, who are helping child survivors of conflict come to terms with their traumatic experiences. Diana works with refugee children at Nahr al-Bared camp, run by our partner Association Najdeh. The centre is a safe haven where child refugees can recover from the impact of violence and conflict. Psychologist Diana says that children arrive suffering from sleep disorders, depression and grief. She uses drawing and storytelling therapy to help children recover.

‘We give the children a place where they can find peace – working with them, their parents and their whole environment,’ says Diana.

But resources are stretched and the centre needs more funding to support the many children who need help. 

‘We need more psychologists,’ says Diana. ‘We need a playground for the children so that they can play safely. We also need educational materials and games.’ 

Your gift, of any amount, could help pay for counselling, art therapy and life-skills classes for a young refugee. It could give a traumatised child the care they need to recover and move on this Christmas. Find out more here.