Yours Truly by Murray Watts

Yours Truly by Murray Watts

Murray Watts will be presenting his new book Yours Truly, with actor Andy Harrison.

Yours Truly is a collection of brilliant and poignant parables, for personal reading and public use. Each offers a penetrating insight into some aspect of the Christian faith. They include:

A CELEBRITY QUESTIONS JESUS – a variant on the Rich Young Ruler
THE LOVE AFFAIR – a young woman, whose husband has betrayed her, finds healing in the crucified Christ
THE SECRET OF LIFE – a young man finds the greatest treasure of all, but how should he speak of it?
AN ARTIST TRIES TO CREATE THE WORLD – an artist does her best, but makes a complete hash of things
AN ATHEIST TROUBLED BY HIS DOUBTS – some fun at the expense of the New Atheists, exploring how hard it can be to hold on to your lack of faith

In a career lasting more than forty years, Murray Watts has written many plays for theatre and radio, and numerous screenplays for TV and film.

His work as a playwright, screenwriter and children’s writer has won awards nationally and internationally. He is best known as the screenwriter of the film ‘The Miracle Maker,’ as one of the founding directors of Riding Lights Theatre Company in York and most recently as the writer and director of the widely acclaimed one man show, ‘Mr Darwin’s Tree.’

Murray founded The Wayfarer Trust in 1997, an arts charity which provides encouragement and spiritual inspiration to many in the arts world. He travels widely for the trust, speaking in Denmark, Holland, France, Norway and many other countries, including Canada and the US. He has given many talks over the years, including the TED talk ‘Hope and Hopelessness’. Freswick Castle, Murray’s home and the base for the Wayfarer Trust and Wayfarer Productions, has become an international haven of hospitality over the last twenty years.