Young, Woke and Christian

Young, Woke and Christian

Join the authors of ‘Young, Woke and Christian’ for a creative conversation spanning racism, homelessness, gender, sexuality, interfaith and more!

This isn’t a place for easy answers; it’s an opportunity for us all to ‘Wake Up’ — to have a stretch, draw the curtains, and notice where God is calling us to deeper justice, wider mercy, and greater love. The panel is curated and chaired by Greenbelt’s youngest trustee, Molly Boot.

Molly Boot is a theologian, broadcaster and musician. They write and speak on medieval mysticism and the arts, trauma theology, queer theology and neurodiversity.

Shermara Fletcher is the Principal Officer for Pentecostal, Charismatic and Multi-Cultural Relations at Churches Together in England, and steers CTE’s Racial Justice Working Group.

Liz Marsh is a PhD student in Ethics and Practical Theology at the University of Edinburgh, focussing on the theology of hope in the context of ecological crisis.

Sophie Mitchell has been involved in youth advocacy and activism since she was 15
and is currently working for Student Christian Movement.

Jack Woodruff currently works for the Iona Community as Deputy Housekeeper at Iona Abbey.

Victoria Turner is a PhD Candidate at the University of Edinburgh in World Christianity exploring the relationship between colonialism, class and mission.

They’re very excited to be back at Greenbelt: that magical place in a field, where prophets and
explorers come to brew up big ideas that might just change things for the better.