The URC (United Reformed Church) are a family of Christians, worshipping in the name of Jesus in about 1500 local churches from Orkney to Cornwall.

This year we are offering ‘Be More Snail’ liturgies, hosting ‘Cake n Debate’ in the youth venue, dishing up a Church History comedy pub quiz, hosting a comedy panel and welcoming you into their Take Away venue.


Discover wit and wisdom from the ground level by joining the pop-up URC walking liturgies as we explore how to carry our real home with us, leave a trail of shining joy, and savour going more slowly.

SNAILS: the ultimate culture-changer, digesting debris and creating the conditions for new life. We invite you to discover your inner snail.

Saturday – 12.15pm
Unpacking what we carry with us and what is ‘home’
Leaving from outside Shelter

Sunday – 6.15pm
Leave a trail to nourish others and show the way
Leaving from outside Shelter

Monday – 12.15pm
The ultimate go-slow: a mindful Eucharist
Leaving from outside Shelter

Changing the Conversation
URC Takeaway venue

The way we talk influences how we think. How do we change the conversation around issues that divide our society?
Come and listen to the stories of experts by experience and be part of a conversation that goes beyond words and becomes positive action for local communities.
Facilitated by the Joint Public Issues Team.

• Changing the Conversation around Immigration – Saturday 10–11am
• Changing the Conversation around Islamophobia – Sunday 8–9pm
• Changing the Conversation around Poverty – Monday 10–11am

Bring your own chair/cushion