Thula Mama

Thula Mama

Thula Mama is a natural voice singing group for women to come together and sing in beautiful acapella harmony.

“We are all born with a voice. When it is heard, it says something vital about the deepest layers of our identity, our commitment and aspirations.”

Sick of wheels on the bus yet?!

Babies, children, young and old, join with us to sing songs and chants from around the globe usually with a theme of motherhood, lullabies or family, for a deeply relaxing and uplifting experience. Full of laughs, story-sharing, rollicking singing, meditative chanting, tears of joy and welcome release, in a comfy, baby friendly environment it gives mothers a chance to meet, share and connect on many levels.

Thula Mama is led by Ruth Janssen. Ruth is a professional dancer and very unprofessional singer. She teaches ContaKids, Thula Mama singing groups, yoga, creative workshops for all ages and despite having danced her knees to ruin, still dances for Gravity & Levity Aerial Dance co and The Letter J children’s theatre company. She loves live music, knitting, sleep, laughter and yum yums.