The Future We Choose presented by Jackson M Phoenix and Barney White

The Future We Choose presented by Jackson M Phoenix and Barney White

A collaboration between Jackson M Phoenix, Barney White and you, The Future We Choose will craft a radical new collective vision for our shared future.

At this point of global disruption, we are at a place where a change of direction is essential, and we find ourselves in the handful of generations who have the opportunity to make this our legacy.

It is clear we need to rethink our direction of travel as a species – but to change direction, we must have a new destination in mind.

The Future We Choose is a shared space for brave thinking, real dialogue, deep listening, and collective (re)visioning.

Initially comprising six multi-artform pieces, from films to jigsaws to inner journeys, each will explore a quality essential to profound (re)visioning: deep listening, interconnectedness, higher consciousness, and wonderment.

This initial series of works will broadcast a global call for responses to the question:

Forgetting what you think is possible or likely, what could a radically better future for humanity and our planet look like?

Your response to this call will become part of the final artwork, premiering at Greenbelt Festival 2022: a collective (re)visioning installation, an inhabitable space in which to immerse in this bold and radical new collective vision for our future.

The Future We Choose will place our collective vision in clear sight, inspiring action and catalysing momentum towards radical change.

What is it, the future you choose?

As co-founder and Creative Director of acrobatic theatre company Acrojou, Barney has spent the last 15 years creating, performing and touring original work across the UK and internationally. Trained in theatre, dance and acrobatics, his work is focused on visual storytelling and how we can use art to reflect on and communicate shared stories of how we exist in the world.

Driven by a passion for both performance and cinema, Barney creates original artist film that aims to tell our stories in new ways

My life, in all regards, is an ongoing exploration into the sublimity and mystery of existence: what it is to be a bit of consciousness embodied in matter/ energy. I am fascinated by ways of perceiving, expanding and understanding ‘reality’, as well as the potential impact of higher consciousness and healing on the future of the human journey.

For me, art is an integral aspect of this: a lens through which to perceive and explore, a poetic way of approaching that which exists beyond words, a method by which to order and understand huge ideas and experiences, and a way to transform this exploration into an exchange with others.

My practice consist of dual artistic and spiritual pathways, and takes a number of forms: writing (short essays, and for performance), visual art, various spiritual practices and healing modalities (and the intersection between these and creative practices), and live performance.

Jackson M Phoenix (he/ them) has been Artistic Director at Acrojou (visual theatre, for 16 years, where he co-created 4 productions, and wrote/ designed/ directed a further 4. These creations have toured extensively across 25 countries, with programming/ commissioning partners including The National Theatre London, The V&A, The Royal Opera House, and The National Kaohsiung Centre for the Arts (Taiwan).

Images of the work have been featured in ‘Handbook of The Unknowable’ (Trondheim Metamorph Science/ Art conference book), ‘Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move’ (Phaidon), ‘The Machine Anxieties of Steampunk: Contemporary Philosophy, Neo-Victorian Aesthetics and the Future’ (Bloomsbury Visual).