The Foundry

The Foundry

Thanks to the generous support of The Methodist Church, The Foundry is our brand new cafe-conversation venue, serving up strong coffee and mint tea by day and a non-alcoholic soft drinks in the evening.

The vibe will be chilled and chatty – with the programmed conversations providing opportunities to go deeper into issues with smaller groups of people.

Some of the people you’ll meet hosting these conversations:

Barbara Glasson and Clive Marsh are the Methodist Church’s President and Vice President and their new book is called So What’s The Story? in which they encourage us to listen to the stories of others as we try to live creative and generous lives of faith and justice in our communities.

Eric is a Passivhaus Consultant specializing in retrofit and uses robust Passivhaus modelling to guide people who want to integrate high-performance energy efficiency measures into whole house refurbishment.

Christian and Skeptic Discussion Group London are a London-based pub discussion group led by former conservative Christians, and now agnostics or atheists

Cavan Wood is a church leader/speaker and writer.

Sami Awad is an internationally acclaimed speaker and executive director of Holy Land Trust.

Jill Mann and Lisa-Reine Hunt will be reflecting together on key questions about varying forms of extremism.

OUT is our volunteer team who help the queer community and our allies get the most out of the festival.

Darren Howie is founder of the Sacred Bean Coffee Company and pioneer minister.

Danny Dorling is an Oxford University geography professor and co-author with Sally Thompson of Rule Britannia: Brexit and the End of Empire

Belarus Free Theatre (BFT) is a UK-based international award-winning theatre company founded on principles of freedom of speech and artistic expression.

Mark Nash cycled from Cambridge to Kenya and has previously been part of an event at his local church discussing fundraising and the ethics of such adventures.