Team of the Decades

Team of the Decades

T.O.T.D is a different kind of sports team: 1 captain, 1 coach and … 10 of you! We don’t play with winning or loosing. We play with the landscape, with strength and weakness, fathers and sons, collisions and hugs.

‘Think about the contact. Think about the first hit. Squeeze the arms. Feel that. The unity. And it’s down to us – no one else. I don’t care what happens today, as long as you can look at each other, honestly, and just say – I didn’t let you down.’

Team of the Decades is created by Will Dickie, a solo artist who works with the body, autobiography and performance to take audiences deeply into the present. His work seeks to create experiences grounded in honesty, openness and fresh perspective. T.O.T.D. has toured nationally, including at In-between Time Bristol, Buzzcut Glasgow, and Latitude Festival.

‘A moving exploration of masculinity as Dickie plays coach, team captain and his own father. Involving highs, lows, energy and intimacy – it’s the perfect embodiment of a messy, magical and unmissable festival.’
The Stage

Team of the Decades
Created by Will Dickie
Performed by Will and Tim Hopkins
Developed at Battersea Arts Centre

See you on the park…HUT HUT!