Teakster is an award-winning artist, who artistic style is a fusion of Middle-Eastern artistic traditions and modern techniques inspired by his British upbringing.

His work has been featured in publications and exhibitions across the USA, UAE, Europe, and the Far East for over a decade. He has exhibited his work to a diverse range of audience’s, including various world leaders and Middle Eastern royalty.

He has previously worked with Thames Valley Police as part of their community engagement programme to use art as means to connect people of all faith in multicultural cities. He has also been commissioned by Bucks County Museum for a series of artistic murals across Buckinghamshire. The concept of the project is to revitalise forgotten or abandoned sections of the community. Working with the local Council and youth groups, the aim is to use art to liven cold, bare walls in different locations.

Teakster has a large online following through his blogs where he comments on artistic news, and provides advice and much needed inspiration to new artists. He is committed to engaging young people by working in the community through workshops, talks and presentations.

His efforts as a mentor and role model have been recognised by UK Prime Minister and in 2014 he received the Alhambra Award for Excellence in Arts, which recognises the best contributions to British society.

His ultimate aim is to connect communities and cultures through the serene universal language of art.