Tay Oskee

Tay Oskee

Let The Fire Burn is the brand-new single from Tay Oskee and the second taste of his forthcoming, debut album Keepers Of The Morning. The release of this track accompanies the news that Keepers Of The Morning will be released on Friday 14th April 2023.

Upbeat and energetic, Let The Fire Burn brings Tay back to familiar territory, as a
masterful composer of indie folk pop tracks. Opening with an undeniably catchy whistling melody, giving way to driving guitar strokes, Let The Fire Burn is pure road trip bliss and further evidence of Tay’s deep affinity with the outdoors and open spaces.

As Tay explains “It’s a song born out of the lockdowns and division of the last few years, during one of these lockdowns I really needed an escape and so I wrote ‘Let The Fire Burn’ to take me back to that simpler time with mates, camping out in nature and being able to have proper deep yarns around the fire without feeling like you’re treading on egg shells. In the moment I wrote the track I had a great realisation that we never truly know what will happen in life so it’s better to do the things you love, caus it could all go wrong and if it does, at least ya let the fire burn.”

Let The Fire Burn comes off the back of the single Sequoia (Lovers On The Mountain), released in October 2022. The two tracks now offer a clear picture of what Keepers Of The Morning will have to offer. The album has been a focus of Tay’s passion since late 2021, when he bought an old sea container and singlehandedly converted it into a recording studio on a farm in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The studio has been Tay’s home for the past year. A place of complete solitude, immersed in the wilderness, with limited phone reception and internet. His wife Caro and their trusty egg-laying chickens, Tay’s only sounding board for song ideas and new mixes.

The result is as you would expect from an artist that has allowed themselves to be completely immersed in song writing and sounds. Keepers Of The Morning is the self-written and entirely self-produced work of art, by undoubtedly one of Australia’s most talented emerging indie folk writers and performers.

The Sequoia (Lovers On The Mountain) Australian Tour kicks off next week, seeing Tay back on the road for-real since pre-Covid. An artist that cut his teeth on busking and live shows, Tay has had understandably itchy feet since touring came off the table in 2020.

He needn’t worry though, as 2023 will see Tay well and truly making up for lost time.

Following the release of Keepers Of The Morning, he will join his friend Ziggy Alberts for an extensive 6 week tour across Europe. Then staying on to continue touring Europe and the UK throughout the Northern Summer. Before returning to Australia for a massive, yet-to-be-announced headline tour in late 2023.