Sue Turton

Sue Turton

Sue works as a Freelance Filmmaker, Studio Anchor, Correspondent, Corporate Speaker. As well as documentaries, Sue has fronted two-hour specials on the rise of ISIL for Al Jazeera and she is a regular presenter on 24 hour rolling news.

Sue Turton’s career began at for Sky News in the channel’s first year but her career really took off at Emmy award- winning UK nightly show, Channel 4 News where she worked for twelve years with veteran anchor Jon Snow. Sue’s work there ranged from breaking news and anchoring alongside Jon to working regularly in Africa where she was the only TV reporter to cover the trial of Simon Mann and Mark Thatcher who had plotted a coup in Equatorial Guinea.

Sue joined Al Jazeera English in 2010 as the channel’s first Afghanistan Correspondent but after ten months of NATO embeds and Taliban attacks the Arab Uprisings meant a new posting in Libya.

Sue then covered the Libyan revolution from beginning to end, including a very nervous 24 hours on an ammo-laden tugboat gunrunning with the rebels into the besieged city of Misrata. Then came Syria where she went on missions with Jabhat al Nusra, the Al Qaeda affiliate, and was the only reporter to witness them capturing Taftanaz airbase in Idlib. Sue was travelling through Binnish in Idlib on the same day James Foley was kidnapped from that town before being handed over to ISIS.

She has also covered stories in Iraq, Lebanon, Moscow, Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt and a host of more peaceful countries.

Sue has recently written her first book – it’s about activism and is aimed at teenagers who want to some noise: “This book can (help you) change the world”