Student Christian Movement

Student Christian Movement

SCM is a student-led movement working for a more open, inclusive and inspiring faith within the student world.

We are committed to deepening faith, seeking justice, celebrating diversity and working for Christian unity. We come together in local groups at universities and churches across Britain, and at regional and national events to explore the Christian faith in an open minded and non-judgemental environment, and put our faith into action for peace and justice.

SCM began in 1889 as the Student Volunteer Missionary Union uniting students with an interest in overseas mission. It rapidly broadened its aims and became the largest student organisation in Britain.

The National Union of Students (NUS) was formed in 1922, with the movement’s encouragement and help. According to William Temple (Archbishop of Canterbury, 1942–44), without SCM the Edinburgh conference, which gave birth to the modern ecumenical movement, would never have taken place. SCM went on to play a vital role in the formation of the British and World Council of Churches and through the SCM Press it became one of the leading theological publishers. The values of openness, inclusiveness, radicalism and an open and challenging approach to the Christian faith were as important in the early days of the movement as they are now.

The British SCM is part of the World Student Christian Federation which brings together more than two million Christian students around the world