Stonk Knots

Stonk Knots

Stonk Knots interactive knotting and rope craft workshops are unusual, attract a lot of interest and provide opportunities to experiment and have fun.

From learning basic useful knots – the Bowline, the Constrictor or the Alpine Butterfly – to weaving a Turk’s Head or putting an eye splice in the end of a rope; from making colourful macrame bracelets, to unravelling the mysteries of the star knot…

Knot tying skills are developed through “fingers-on” participation, using a variety of natural fibre and coloured ropes and cords – and at the end of the session, students can take their handiwork home.

Our knotting and rope craft workshops are tailored to suit different abilities and environments with activities that cover both practical and decorative knotting techniques.

We offer a flexible programme of tuition that can be structured around interest-led topics, or focused on a particular theme. An accompanying display features examples of finished rope work, tools of the trade and a selection of books and pamphlets to browse. Often there will be a display project, such as a hammock or rope ladder, and there is always a chance to share and discuss knowledge of the subject.

Our workshop team is led by James Watson from Stonk Knots and