Stables – The indie-folk duo formed by Matthew Lowe (Keston Cobblers Club) and Daniel Trenholme.

Stables was formed in January 2016 during late night drinks between Matthew and Daniel in London. Matthew was working on a new project idea at the time and, after playing through what was to become their first single, ‘Steam’, at 5 am, the duo was born, and quickly went public four months later.

‘Beyond Brushes’ (their debut album) was released to critical acclaim just nine months after, in August 2016, and was championed by the likes of BBC’s Steve Lamacq, Tom Robinson, BBC Legend Bob Harris and BBC6 Recommends amongst others, soon establishing them firmly on the circuit, with a growing fan base.

Just a month after the release Matthew and Daniel embarked on their first UK headline tour, quickly embarking on 6 headline, European tours over the next 2 years, performing over 200 concerts across the continent. Stables put emphasis on ‘energy’ when playing live; switching instruments and producing the sound of a full band, with big harmonies and varied styles. Matthew says; ‘I always wanted to create a simple sound that could then be taken further when needed, from a small folk club, to a large festival stage’. Stables will go on to tour Europe further in 2020, performing at many major festivals including Glastonbury Festival and Cambridge Folk.

Stables’ second album, ‘Reverie’, was released at the end of February 2018, surpassing their debut. ‘We’re incredibly proud of this record and can’t wait for people to hear it’. Matthew calls it an ‘almost break up album’ that he wrote whilst in a ‘period of relationship unrest, which resolved during the process’. ‘This is the album we always wanted to release when we first imagined Stables. We love our debut, but this feels like the sound we always set out to produce’.

Following this came the duo’s third Studio album ‘Silhouettes’ which was released in the autumn of 2020. Like many other artists, the duo were stopped short of touring the new album due to the corona pandemic. Therefore quickly adapting to playing livestream gigs and selling high levels of coffee that the duo roast and package themselves. On this note, the duo are known for their roasted coffee. A project ( that sits perfectly alongside their music and they bring their three signature roasts on the road with them.