Saima Khan

Saima Khan

Saima Khan is the founder of The Hampstead Kitchen, an experiential private dining concept in which she assumes the role of Executive Chef, curating unforgettable events serving delicious food to bring people together.

As part of The Hampstead Kitchen, Saima has incorporated brand consultancy, menu development, and philanthropy to her business creating numerous touch points that drive the ethos of connection, compassion, open mindedness, business acumen and most importantly a sense of togetherness.

From a six-figure Wall Street job within Credit & Market Risk Strategic projects to events with poignant figures, businesses, and brands, Saima has travelled extensively around the world picking up different tastes, textures, and colours and her dinners are recreations of her fondest memories of people sitting around, eating and socialising, with big and small plates all cascaded in the middle of a huge dining table. Saima’s menus take inspiration from different dining cultures from around the world focusing on the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Persian cuisines.

The Hampstead Kitchen has also evolved into a strong philanthropic entity that reflects Saima’s core beliefs of interfaith connectivity and global cultural outlook. Involved with over 40 charities and organisations both in London and around the world that mainly concentrate on homelessness and the refugee crisis, such as the community work which feeds between 150-200 homeless guests every Sunday with her residual food from her events. She also supports The Grenfell community by providing hot meals for those in temporary accommodation and supports the refugee camp on the border of Syria and Jordan (Zaatari Camp) either by visiting , sending funds, providing food or helping with micro finance supporting them to create a business that will encourage a much needed income.

Supported by Amal – A Saïd Foundation Programme