Rosalind Peters

Rosalind Peters

Rosalind Peters writes songs and people laugh at them. And sometimes she does musical comedy.

A graduate in Theology and Religious Studies from the University of Cambridge, Rosalind has a penchant for finding comedy in the deep stuff, be it cross-culture divides, pornography, or a passion for Nutella that goes seriously awry.

Perhaps not coincidentally, sometimes she also writes for Tearfund’s Rhythms website.

She’s performed various gigs, from the Musical Comedy Awards, to And Then She Said A Funny Thing podcast, to an hour-long one woman show called Putting the World to Writes. She’s also an active presence on YouTube, with her parody reply to Blurred Lines garnering over 146,000 views.

Recent praise for her includes: ‘darn funny’ (The Cambridge Student), ‘crazy/funny/adorable’ (YouTube), ‘the kind of charming delight you wish every British comedian could be’ (