Robert Cohen

Robert Cohen

Robert Cohen is a forthright blogger and one of the leading dissident Jewish voices on Israel-Palestine in Britain. Robert takes a firmly Jewish but non-Zionist position on the conflict.

He’s written that: “Our relationship with the Palestinian people is the greatest challenge facing Jews and Judaism in the 21st century. And right now we’re making a terrible hash of it”.

Robert writes a monthly blog for Patheos under the title ‘Writing from the Edge’ and his work is regularly featured by Jews for Justice for Palestinians in the UK and at Mondoweiss in the United States.

Robert spent ten years as a reporter and producer for BBC news and is now part of the corporate communications team for the Co-op. He was recently appointed a trustee for Amos Trust and acts as an adviser to Sabeel-Kairos UK.

Robert lives with his wife Anne and their four children in North Yorkshire.