Richard Reynolds

Richard Reynolds

Richard Reynolds has been a guerrilla gardener for 10 years, tending patches of neglected public land without permission, the abundant urban scrub of grassy weeds and compacted mud around the Elephant and Castle.

His blogging and writing about his optimistic, mischievous activities sparked a renewed interest in what turned out to be a largely historic activist activity.

Today new guerrilla gardeners continue to emerge in all corners of the world, whether driven by a love of gardening, an urge to provoke change or basic need to subsist.

His book On Guerrilla Gardening has been published in English, German, French and Korean and he tours the world inspiring people to take part.

He met his wife while gardening on a traffic island and his two-year-old daughter is already a seasoned guerrilla gardener, this being her first season of more accomplished digging.