God is in all of us, and in Quaker worship we are caught up in the still spirit of the meeting, and all of us are trying to come nearer to each other and to God.

With no need for prepared words, we trust that the Spirit will give us the words we need. We hold ourselves aware of all those gathered with us, uniting in a common purpose, so that the waiting and listening become an act of sharing, as past participants have said:

“We were blessed with a group who were comfortable holding the stillness and listening ‘for the big stuff’.”

“We all successfully stilled our babble and created the space, internally and in the meeting, in which whatever needed to happen for us happened for us. It moved some to tears. It was moving for all of us.”

“The Kingdom of Heaven did gather us and catch us all, as in a net.”

Join us. Try to be quiet in mind, body and spirit. Bring whatever is pressing on your mind to the meeting. It can be a time of insight, revelation, healing or calm. Nearly everyone at some time seems to want to find God in themselves, even those who find it hard to believe that God exists. We have found God in our Meeting.

We have no formal leaders in Quakers, but leadership is a service people give, including the words we are moved to offer in worship. Quakers from Northamptonshire will welcome you to our worship, introduce it and hold the space, and we trust that the Spirit will bring us together to new life.