Pippa King

Pippa King

My Life in Sharpie
Pippa King

In the allotment gallery Pippa is displaying her calendars for the last three years. These are normal A4 wall calendars, the kind with boxes for each day to write appointments in. But the boxes are filled with a drawing at the end of each day, mostly in Sharpie coloured pens. It’s a way of reflecting on the day, and a kind of journal. It’s become part of her practice as an artist but also as someone trying to be a more reflective, intentional human.

Pippa an artist based in east London, mostly using sculpture and photography. Her work is about emotions, memory, and the exploration of the self and often focuses on found or appropriated ‘evocative objects’.

She is part of the Present Imperfect artists collective.

Pippa King will present her exhibition My Life In Sharpie in the Allotment Gallery on Sunday 26 August, 4pm – 8pm.

Pippa will be running a workshop for Art School on Saturday 25 August, 7.30pm – 9pm