On Location

On Location

Amos Trust has been developing links and building relationships with the visual arts community in Gaza since 2015. On Location is their new project which promotes, supports and celebrates the power, resilience and vibrancy of the artistic community living and working under siege in Gaza today.

For now, this means a digital exhibition, ‘On Location’, but in the future, they hope to be able to show their work ‘in real life’. Following Greenbelt, an extended ‘On Location’ exhibition will open at Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem.

In the words of Zimbabwean curator, Raphael Chikukwa, “when words fail, art speaks.” Our hope is that ‘On Location’ will provide a platform and opportunity for the artists of Gaza to speak to the world. We’re delighted to showcase the exhibition at the Festival this weekend.

We recommend that you allow one hour for the whole exhibition, which includes time for a short introduction and refreshments afterwards.
Copyright: The artists
Curation: James Walmsley and Amos Trust
Mixed media

Please queue at the gate at the top of The Lawn to be taken to the exhibition. Access to the Tapestry Suite is up a flight of wide, shallow stairs. A wheelchair platform lift is available.