Michael Ramsey Prize Giving

Michael Ramsey Prize Giving

The Michael Ramsey Prize, of £10,000, is awarded every three years and celebrates the most promising contemporary theological writing from the global Church.

The prize is named after the 100th Archbishop of Canterbury, a prolific writer himself; and was inaugurated by Rowan Williams in 2005.

Previous winners include John Swinton, Luke Bretherton, and David Bentley Hart. This years’ nominees are Ilia Delio, Keith Eyeons, Jill Harshaw, Krish Kandiah, Rachel Mann, and Mark Oakley.

The goals of the Prize are to:

– Encourage the writing and reading of theology to help the Church in thinking more deeply, acting more wisely, and witnessing more effectively.
– Promote engagement with theology by generating publicity, providing a forum for discussion, and contributing to the popularity of theological literature.
– Provide a vehicle by which the Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury can encourage and challenge Christians to love God with all their heart and soul and mind and strength.
– Recognise and contribute to the success of published resources that will encourage all Christians to play a more active role in a worldwide praying, witnessing, and reconciling church.

The Michael Ramsey Prize is administered by SPCK and is sponsored by the Lambeth Trust.