Metanoeo has been founded by Dave Wood with a vision of engaging faith in understanding and supporting the journey from crime.

Dave is passionate about faith and community / social justice and has a keen interest in mixing the academic with practice, and faith with interventions.


Dave is a qualified Probation Officer who worked as a practitioner and probation manager for 13 years. As a manager he has had responsibility for managing a team working with people who have received sentences requiring supervision in the community along with those being supervised after having served a prison sentence. As a practitioner he worked in teams specialising in advising courts on appropriate sentences for individuals and community rehabilitation.

Dave also works with Liverpool John Moores University and Edge Hill University as a sessional lecturer with a particular interest in community penalties, probation, the psychosocial analysis of offending behaviour and contemporary criminal justice issues lecturing at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. He has published a number of pieces on issues of criminal justice. Further to this he was Chair of the Merseyside branch of the probation trade union and professional association NAPO (National Association of Probation Officers).


Dave possesses the probation ‘licence to practice’, the Diploma in Probation Studies comprising an NVQ 4 in Community Justice and a BA (Hons) in Community Justice. He also holds a BA in Bible and Theology and an MA in Criminology. He is currently studying for a PhD in Theology and Criminology in which his research is comparing the journey of faith with the journey from crime as an act of solidarity to inform practice.