Meg Wroe

Meg Wroe

Song of the Trees
Meg Wroe

Song of the Trees is a series of paintings on wooden panels. Images of trees are carved into plywood, giving texture as well as form. In her current work Meg is interested in the hidden, overlooked aspect of her urban landscape. “I notice moments of wonder in the ordinary – the way transformation happens through acts of the imagination. I am struck by the colour of chimneys in the evening sunlight, a line of washing blowing in the wind, the quiet magnificence of trees. These trees are the lungs of the city – their presence is like a song.”

Meg has also found inspiration for her paintings in the poem The Bright Field by RS Thomas:

“I have seen the sun break through / to illuminate a small field / for a while, and gone my way / and forgotten it. But that was the / pearl of great price, the one field that had / treasure in it. …”

She likes the idea that the trees in her paintings will reflect the trees surrounding the Allotment Gallery and she hopes this will create a resonance between inside and out.

Meg is a London based artist, painting in oils and acrylics on canvas or wood. She graduated from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London in 2006 and did postgraduate studies at the Art Academy, London Bridge 2017.

Meg has exhibited in solo and group shows and has delivered art workshops in Greenbelt, Bethlehem, South Africa and Brazil, making her own work around these experiences.

Recent Exhibitions:
Song of the Trees, Holloway – La Tarte Parisienne, London – April–June 2018
Collective Possibilities – Old Newington Library, London – Feb/March 2018
Constellation – Coningsby Gallery, Fitzrovia, London – Dec 2017
Everything is possible – St Clement’s Church, London – Nov–Dec 2017
Southwark Cathedral, London – Oct 2017

Meg Wroe will be presenting her exhibition Song of the Trees in the Allotment Gallery on Saturday 25 August, 9am–1pm

Meg will be leading an Art School session on wire sculpture on Monday 27 August, 10.30am – 12.30pm