Mark in a Landscape by Jane Roberts

Mark in a Landscape by Jane Roberts

This exhibition features large drawings of clay and water on paper that will be attached to all the walls of the garden shed.

The audience will be encouraged to draw or describe their favourite skyline, coastline or landfall and a drawing will be made on top of the paper in charcoal.

Individuals will be encouraged to make their own drawing with the aid of a long stick and charcoal so as to distance the individual from the paper and give a sense of freedom and energy in relation to the physicality of drawing: we are in the landscape but are distant from the view. At the end of the performance, the work will be taken down and burnt to ashes.

This new work is a visual expression of feelings and emotions connected to the earth, air, water, and fire. Jane has been involved in community arts-based work for several years and it is an important aspect of her work to encourage others to make their mark and be creative in a safe, supportive environment.

Jane is a contemporary artist and a Quaker. Her life connects the spirit and her creative practice.