M for Medea

M for Medea

What makes us do the things we do? What are the consequences when love, jealousy and revenge are pushed to their extremes?

M for Medea is a contemporary retelling of Euripides’ Medea, exploring the lengths that people will go to when they think they are right, posing questions that are often unanswered when experiencing love. Using visceral movement interspersed with evocative, contemporary language and a pulsating musical score, M for Medea is framed within a simple, haunting stage setting. A modern story of betrayal that will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat.

A bold and striking approach to Euripide’s classic text, M for Medea looks closely at the challenges and assumptions inherent in all human relationships. As young audiences bear witness to Medea’s memories, they are left to decide for themselves who is right and who is wrong.

Created with composer Rob Manning, Sound Consultant Mikhail and Movement Director Hester Schrofer. Originally supported through funding from Arts Council England and Rose Bruford College.

“Epic show…. ‘classic’ and ‘awe-inspiring’ entertainment”
Young person, Age 13, 2013

“…a lot of suspense which created a great amount of tension and kept me at the edge of my seat.”
Young person, Age 16, 2013

“Outstanding performance. I literally had goose bumps when Medea was talking…. The music brought an intense atmosphere. It’s great for young people and adults.”
Young person, age 15, 2013

Half Moon presents M for Medea, A Floods of Ink production for 13+ audiences