Lucy, Lucy & Lucy Barfield presented by Lucy Grace

Lucy, Lucy & Lucy Barfield presented by Lucy Grace

Narnia doesn’t exist. Lucy’s just realised. She’s 26.

She’s still reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. If the adventures of heroine Lucy Pevensie can’t guide her through the real world, then perhaps C. S. Lewis’s dedication to his god-daughter, Lucy Barfield, holds the key to another wardrobe.

Unpicking a life less documented Lucy, Lucy & Lucy Barfield, is an intimate show about holding onto adventure, falling through the cracks and finding your own way back.

Writer/Performer/Director : Lucy Grace
Co Director : Dan Hutton (Barrel Organ)
Producer : James Black

Lucy Grace is a solo theatre maker specialising in intricately written, poignant and multi layered narratives that go in search of the transcendent in the mundane and the epic in the every day.

She mixes direct address with storytelling and character performance. Her work can transfer successfully between large auditoriums and small village halls. She studied Theatre & Performance Studies at Warwick University before training as an actor.

Her development as a writer and solo artist has been supported by theatres and companies such as Rich Mix, Pleasance and Tamasha and she is a supported artist at Greenwich Theatre. She regularly collaborates with dramaturgs, directors and artists in developing her work and is passionate about developing other solo artists.

Running Time : 50 minutes
Recommended Age 12+