Lots Holloway

Lots Holloway

Multi-instrumentalist Lots Holloway is a talented artist who produces, writes and creates all her own music.

Since being signed to indie label Why I? Records in 2016, Lots has gone on to release a stream of infectious and original indie-pop tunes. From this, Lots has picked up ever more support, not just from fans and peers, but also from respected press outlets, influential radio stations and underground indie magazines.

This alt-pop star’s debut single ‘World’s On Fire’ is a catchy, relevant and meaningful song that was written in reaction to the crazy events the world has seen over the last few years; and, as a result, is truly stirring. Complete with a great video, it really announced her arrival in style.

Holloway’s talent for song writing really shines through; in clever lyrics, strong melodies and memorable songs that manage to stay with you long after you first hear them – and the music behind the words is always just as powerful.

Based around live instruments (drums, guitar and bass), Lots then spreads clever layers of sounds from the freaky and psychedelic end of the spectrum. Holloway’s music is bursting with inventive synths and weird sounds.

All this adds up to something truly fresh and original, and a live show from Lots Holloway is just as compelling. Lots’ on stage presence is second to none. Holloway is enchanting and captivating, and fronting a full live band she only becomes more powerful.