Kites Not Drones

Kites Not Drones

Fly Kites Not Drones is a creative non-violence project for young people.

At its heart is the true story of Aymel, a boy who never really knew his father because of a drone strike.

A kite in the sky is a beautiful image wherever you are. Whether pieced together from bin bags and string or manufactured with high-tech fibres, when we see a kite fly, part of us flies with it. The lives of the people holding the string can be very different, however.

Workshops are facilitated by Ellis Books who is the peace education engagement coordinator for Quakers in Britain.

He has worked with peace activists in Palestine, Israel, and Afghanistan and recently took Fly Kites Not Drones to Asia on “Peace Boat”.

Inspired by Afghan peace volunteers, this creative non-violence project helps young people to explore the issue of armed drones and fly a kite for peace.