Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Katherine is a writer, speaker and activist.

She is editor of Tearfund Rhythms which inspires the emerging generation to live differently through making ethical lifestyle choices, using their words powerfully to speak up against injustice and be the change they want to see in the world.

Her wedding was featured on Radio 2 and in the Telegraph as being the first food waste wedding in the UK, as well as having many other ethical elements to it including the use of electric cars, Fairtrade Gold wedding rings and even recycled and recyclable serviettes!

She previously worked as a theatre-maker, and performer, and is currently writing a novel set in India.

Katherine lived as part of a community of people seeking to bring hope and peace on an estate in King’s Cross for eight years. Last year she moved to join the CHIPS (Christian International Peace Service) team living and serving on an estate in Brixton which has been seriously affected by gang crime.