Joe Waller

Joe Waller

A massive lover of soulful singer-songwriters from a young age Joe would sing along to every track in the car on the way to school or a football match.

When he turned 20 years old he thought about learning to play an instrument and one drunk Christmas evening bought a guitar for £65. Learning to play it began with a couple of minutes a day and progressed to more but he just couldn’t get to grips with remembering each chord. Only when he began singing while playing did the learning became easy.

6 months after buying that guitar he played his first gig to a crowd of 100 people supporting a friend’s band. That’s when he fell in love with music and with performing. Often referred to as a natural, Joe winces because he knows the huge amount of work he’s put into learning each new song and the literal blood spillage from practising so much.

Eight months later he released his own self recorded single ‘Your Perfect Self’ on iTunes recorded with a £1 microphone bought from a car boot. The track made it to number 16 on the iTunes singer songwriter chart.

Two years later he has released more EPs and continues to play to sell-out crowds in the South.