James Cary

James Cary

James Cary is a bit of an odd mix.

He is a writer of situation comedy for BBC TV (eg. Miranda, Bluestone 42) and Radio (Think the Unthinkable, Hut 33) and blogs about the technicalities of the process. He has also written a book called Writing That Sitcom. In case you’re wondering, his favourite sitcoms of all time are Yes, Prime Minister and Seinfeld.

James Cary is also a Christian, with tendencies towards Calvinism (see? I warned you he was odd). He is also a member of the House of Laity of the General Synod for the Church of England for the Diocese of Bath & Wells. He has a degree in Theology from the University of Durham, preaches at his church from time to time and has no plans to become a vicar. For over a decade, he wrote a column for the now defunct Third Way magazine.

James is especially interested in the interaction between church, faith, culture and politics. His heroes include GK Chesterton, CS Lewis, William Wilberforce, PG Wodehouse, PJ O’Rourke and David Gower.

He is also painfully aware that he has had to write all of the above about himself and make it look like someone else has written it.