Ismael Lea South

Ismael Lea South

Ismael Lea South is the Director of The Salam Project, a BME youth and community initiative. This initiative promotes employment opportunities, accredited training, volunteer opportunities and UK Urban Islamic artistic expression (Hip Hop, Reggae, Slam Poetry etc.) among other things.

He is also the co – founder of the ‘UK African & African Caribbean Muslim Association’ which is a non-sectarian umbrella organisation of UK-based African & African Caribbean Muslim organisations in the UK.

Fed up of the lack of diversity of so called British Muslims print media and the lack of acknowledgement of Black Muslims in Black British print media he co-founded – The Black Muslim Times (with Halimat Shode) an online magazine that promotes positive images of Black British Muslims in the UK.

He is passionate about Black British Muslims taking ownership of their identity and carving out their own narrative plus doing for self.

He goes into schools, prisons and youth clubs to facilitate workshops on identity plus Black History. He knows that it is important to facilitate workshops on social enterprise start-ups, business start ups and Boys to Men (BME rites of passage)

Through The Salam Project he works in partnership with various groups against gangs in inner cities, extremism/radicalisation (aimed towards Black Muslims) and in partnership with Faiths Forum For London.

He is a consultant that promotes dialogue with the Black British Churches with Black British Mosques around the UK.

Finally, he is working with Everyday Muslim on a new exciting Black British Muslim heritage project that celebrates Black Muslims in the UK.

Supported by Amal – A Said Foundation Project