If you’re searching for ways to revitalise your church, or you’re simply curious about HeartEdge, join us in The Exchange to be part of the dialogue, join our workshops and experience our vision of an abundant, fully alive church at the heart of the community

Proactive churches have the golden opportunity to reimagine their role within communities. By learning, innovating, and adapting, they can not only anchor themselves at the community’s heart but also extend their reach to its edges. Such churches are not merely congregations but vital, inclusive community hubs.

We work with churches to develop open, hospitable, welcoming approaches to day-to-day communal life, liturgy and worship; to partner with others on the edges to form compassionate connections; to re-imagine the Christian narrative through creativity and to find income streams for financial sustainability and growing their mission.

HeartEdge is a vibrant network of practitioners, experienced experts, mentors, and leaders. This dynamic community listens, learns, and lends a hand, helping churches gain knowledge from entrepreneurial thinkers and innovative pioneers, in order to develop leaders who embrace an abundance mindset. Uncertainty isn’t a drawback, with HeartEdge, it’s an invitation. You’re not expected to have all solutions or resources. Just a passion to learn and venture.

As an initiative out of the iconic St Martin-in-the-Fields in London in 2017, HeartEdge has been weaving its vision of revitalisation through four C’s: Commerce, Culture, Compassion, and Congregation that serve as its pillars, reinforcing its mission to reimagine churches as dynamic spaces of growth, partnership, and community transformation.

HeartEdge is more than a philosophy. It’s a tested movement, boasting a track record, aiding global churches in deepening their faith communities, addressing local requirements, refreshing the Christian narrative, and inventively sourcing finances. Join us on this remarkable journey at Greenbelt.