Ghost Caribou presented by Thingumajig Theatre

Ghost Caribou presented by Thingumajig Theatre

Ghost Caribou
presented by
Thingumajig Theatre

In Ghost Caribou, Thingumajig Theatre’s new night-time street act, giant illuminated creatures, part caribou, part spirit, roam a mystical world after dark, accompanied by a wild herdsperson.

As the crowd gathers, they clear a space to perform their other-worldly ceremony.

With music, song and shadow puppets, they tell stories of lost homes, impossible migrations and seeds of hope before continuing the journey into their hauntingly beautiful dream-world of the night.

Ghost Caribou was created and constructed by Kathy and Andrew Kim with Jonny Quick and Mark Whitaker with original music by Kathy Kim.

The R&D for Ghost Caribou was supported by Blueprint: Without Walls R&D Investment Fund. Without Walls is the UK’s largest commissioner of outdoor arts shows, taking inspiring new work to audiences all over the country and beyond.

Thingumajig Theatre is a visual theatre company based in West Yorkshire, which specialises in creating highly interactive giant puppets, innovative puppet plays and community-generated spectacles.

From the tiny to the giant, Thingumajig Theatre’s lovingly created puppets come to life before your eyes. Be it indoor puppet show or outdoor spectacle, they weave magical narrative into distinctive visual style. Their puppets connect with all ages to transcend the everyday with their unique spirit, inviting audiences on a journey through story, emotion and imagination.