Fuzz Kitto

Fuzz travels the world collecting stories, creating stories and spreading rumours of hope.

Fuzz is a youth worker, minister, trainer, speaker, writer and coach. His 35 years of ministry gives him a breadth of experience and wisdom for his consultancy work.

Fuzz is a sought after preacher, speaker and trainer. He has been invited to share his wisdom and skill throughout the world. As a part of Spirited Consulting, he has travelled across the UK, USA, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Europe, Egypt, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Africa, China, S.E. Asia, Korea, Melanesia, New Zealand, and his home country Australia.

His consultancy work focuses on:

strategic mission planning with local and regional churches to help them connect and minister in their contexts, cultures and realities
youth ministry within local, regional and cross cultural contexts
working with groups of people exploring new ways of being church.
Fuzz has been on staff of St Martins Mission Church (God’s Squad) and Concern Australia in Melbourne, and St John’s Anglican church in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Fuzz planted the first English ministry for university aged people, in Sydney’s Cheil Korean Uniting Church, which is now in its 20th year. Recently Fuzz, along with Carolyn, returned to serve as executive pastors. Previously Fuzz has also planted youth oriented churches in South Australia, Tasmania.

He has been one of the directors of Black Stump Festival in Sydney and is presently co-chair of the board for Soul Survivor in NSW/ACT.

He has been a lecturer in Youth Ministry, Evangelism, Mission and Practical Theology at a number of theological colleges across Australia and New Zealand. He has also been a guest lecturer at Eastern and Emory Universities in the United States; Kings College, Cambridge University; St John’s Nottingham; National Baptist Theological College; St Paul’s Theological College (at Holy Trinity Brompton’s); and the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity in the UK.

Fuzz co-hubs an emerging church network called Converse in Sydney, Australia.

Fuzz is heard regularly on Sydney’s Hope 103.2 radio.

Fuzz lives either on Qantas aircraft or in Sydney. He is married to Carolyn with whom he co-parents their dog Mo.

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